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Our Epical You journey began with two friends taking a spontaneous trip to Boston to watch Game 7 of the NHL hockey playoffs between our beloved Toronto Maple Leafs and our long-time rival the Boston Bruins. 

Tensions were high and beer was flowing. In a sea of thousands of black and yellow Bruins jerseys, sat two small but mighty Leaf fans proudly sporting our blue and white jerseys. The next two hours were spent fearlessly screaming "GO LEAFS GO" and taunting the other team's goalie, all while dodging beer cans being launched at our heads, profanities and tell-offs thrown our way, and in the end a soul-crushing defeat of our Leafs to the Bruins...we had never had a better time in our lives :) 

Even though our beloved Maple Leafs (and our souls) were defeated the next morning we both woke up wearing not just the smell of beer on our clothes, but also ear-to-ear smiles on our faces.  

As we happily chatted about the night I (Julie) blurted out "last night was EPIC!" at the same time Eleonora blurted "it was MAGICAL!" And that was it - the word that captured our night perfectly! We decided the night was indeed "Epical".

For us, Epical is the moment that something so epic also becomes magical! 

Eleonora Cino Julie Cosgrave Epical You Our Story Eleonora Cino Julie Cosgrave Epical You Our Story

We’ve been co-workers and good friends for over 15 years and those years have been filled with tonnes of laughter, celebrating each other's achievements and also being there as a friend during life's ups and downs. We fell in love with the word Epical because it captures all the incredible moments we had on that trip and sums up many of the moments we've shared over the years.

More than that, it helped us realize that laughter, friendship, joy, and connection are what make our lives rich and meaningful, one can even say "Epical". We both wanted to make sure we had more of these moments in our lives to make us always feel and be epical. 

After we returned from our trip, we couldn't stop using the word "epical" to describe any great moments, or achievements in life that made us smile. "We should put that on a T-shirt!" we kept saying so that every time we wore the shirt it would remind us of all the 'epical' memories we have in life and would put smiles on our faces. 

And after months of procrastination and more serious thought we put the wheels into motion and Epical You was born!

Our unique shirts are for the fun, fearless, unique fashionistas of the world who love to express their unique personalities through fashion while spreading messages of joy, inspiration, and laughter at the same time. 

More than ever, especially during the challenging days of 2020 and today we need to feel hope, love, and motivation when it's so easy to feel alone, isolated, and afraid. 

Our clothes will not only help you look good but will help you feel good and do good by spreading positive vibes out to the world. After all, don't we all want a life that's EPICAL?



Eleonora and Julie